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The Gambling and Betting system, training and guides directory.

The gambling Web site for all your gambling needs, learn how to play and utilise up to date new technology, e books, tutorials and softwares aimed at helping you place a safer bet. On Line Casino wares and guides for Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, the Lottery/Lotto, Slots, all your favourite Games, be the best punter you can be. Please peruse the list below and find your perfect gambling partner.

Gambling in most countries is restricted to those over the age of 18.

The Gambling and Betting system directory.

Do you love the thrill of placing a bet, then here are some fantastic guides, auto betting bots and schools of learning to tutorial softwares to help and aid you in your various forms of gambling, be it sport betting or various games in the Casino. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to play but have no diea as to where to start? Well here is a good place to begin on your quest, be it for fun or to find knowledge in order to aid you in your dream of becoming an expert pro:

American football, NFL, CFL, Soccer,Football, Horse racing, Casino games, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, the Lottery, Bingo and so much more.

Alphabetical listings, scroll down to find your Game: the internet directory for all your Stocks,Shares,Forex training and system resources.

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Amercian Football/NFL/CFL:
The NFL/CFL college to nationals are a major sporting arena with millions of dollars trading hourly, do you consider yourself and expert in the game? Or do you want to give yourself that edge? We have compiled a list of tools and systems to make your life easier, make every touchdown pay.

Betting systems and wares:

NFL betting picks system:

Vegas Hot sheet Football betting:

CFL Canadian football league picks:

Football crusher NFL betting system:

Las Vegas sports investments:

Bingo is an exciting passtime, many millions of people across the world play daily. Become an expert and win, win, win.

Learn to play and become an expert in the art of Bingo.

Bingo Blaster:


Know the game of Blackjack and learn the tricks and trades of the professionals, from auto bots and softwares to detailed guides and tips from the professional Blackjack players. There are numerous systems employed by the great players and great methodology, here are a few Blackjack gems to help you get on the winning streak.

Blackjack Sniper:


 Blackjack system:

Blackjack mastery, tips and hints on how to become a Balckjack master:

Blackjack secrets:

Blackjack Reaper:

Blackjack game plan:

Pro black jack system:

Blackjack crusher:

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Win at that Craps table, below is a list of expert Craps systems and educational information and e books to help you understand the games rules and help you succeed at the Craps table. Learn with experts, develop your skills and become the Craps master or mistress you desire to be and win big.

Craps school, learn how to play the game of Craps and become an expert:

How to play and win with winning craps money:

68 craps strategy:

Best craps strategy on the web:

Football (Soccer):
The beautiful game known across most of the world as football but Amercicans term it as soccer. Across Europe there are many leagues and divisions, football clubs and cups. From the premier league, F.A cup, Champios league, vauxhaul conference to international tournaments and the prestigious World cup and European championships. Football to some is a religion with major teams known world wide, some may love them or hate them but the likes of Manchester united, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Newcastle United, Blackburn rovers, Tottenham Hotspur, Rangers are global superstars.

These are but a few of the teams with huge followings of supporters worldwide. Then we have the European football leagues, the renowned Spanish teams like Barcelona, Real madrid, Sevilla, the German  league's, the Italan and French leagues. The game is treasured and much loved across Europe. There are numerous betting pools and methods, learn the beautiful game it's secrets, systems and place a safer bet at the Bookmakers:

Total football trading, hot strategies and secrets to make money doing what you love:

Sports investing strategies, professional betting system:

Atomic betting, learn and make an impact in football betting:

Football betting secrets:

Total Goal over betting system expalined ' e book ', learn how to profit from the beautiful game:

Football betting code, a great resource for your football betting endeavours:

Sport trader betting system for premier league football, highly recommended:

Horse racing:
Horse racing is enjoyed across the world and here are some of the best systems and betting wares on the market. Want to learn about horse racing? The rules? How to judge the form of a Horse and how to win regularly? Learn the betting system and how to manipulate the systems to your advantage with these superb Horse racing systems list. They range from educational, mathematical and up to date information based aids, form calculators to so much more.

3 minute bets Horse racing:

Automated winners:

First four betting system:

Layer of profit betting system:

Horse racing betting system:

Walk away a winner:

Autobet system x:

Racing secrets exposed, a great resource, over 4,000 copies sold and relied upon:

False favourites betting system:

Dream lays, professional horse laying tips:

The Midas method:

The Low lay horse laying method:

Race specialist:

Platinum profits:

Horse player haven:

The fff plan ' Racing rich ':

Puntology horse rating, racing system:

The pro punter package:

Betalay Horse racing betting system:

Mechanical Runner horse racing system specialists:


We all dream of winning the lottery/lotto, most of us coin the phrase 'When I win the lottery', well don't make it just a dream. There are people who win regularly and some have chosen to share their secrets. There are numerous lotteries played world wide ranging from the Euro millions, National lottery, Health lottery, post code lottery, Irish lottery, American, National lotteries country dependent, the world of lotteries is your oyster.

We have put together a list of systems, data pickers, mathematical probability systems and much much more, crunching the probability data to win, win, win.

Killer lotto software that works on any system worldwide:

Silver Lotto system:

Lottery cash software the Auto bot system:

Formula 1 lotto number system picker:

Winslips successful lottery system:

Win Lotto Frequently system:

Lottery crusher the ultimate lottery software:

The Lottery Audit:

Change the lottery rules:

Lottery winning formula, successful lottery formula:

Pick 3 stats pro professional 3 pick lottery number picker:

Winning the Lotto/lottery book written by real Winners, an ideal resource for those who want to win:

The Lottery strategy package:

Beat the Lotto/Lottery:

Pick 3 sniper system tool:

Winning the lottery with Dr Gopala:

The Lottery dominator system:

Lottery code cracked:

The Luckology store:

Lottery Harvester:

Lotwin, seriously good lottery software:

Learn Lottery, created by world renowned Hypnotherapist:

Poker is a game of skill played by the serious minds of today. Poker can become a passtime or for some a business and income stream that can take you all over the world from on line tournaments to major games. Some make it to the big stage making millions of dollars. Poker is a game that requires dedication and skill, many want to become a Poker mast but have no idea where to start.

Some want that tried and tested method, or want to out wit their opponents with fail safe strategy. Here is a list of tutorials, gaming solutions and softwares to aid you in becoming the Poker master you dream of being. Learn how to play the game, work to tried and tested methods and systems, learn how to be the best. If you choose to play in your spare time, for fun or you want to make Poker a career then this list is for you. Below is an array of tools and aids to help you become a Poker faced master:

How to win online Poker tournaments:

Online poker secrets:

Tells kitchen Poker training and secrets:

Outstanding Poker training videos:

Learn how to play Poker.

Win at online Poker - White shark Texas hold em tutorial:

Sustainable wins, learn Poker with Dan Moss:

Lord of Poker - Become the lady or lord of the Poker circuit:

Win Poker stars:

Micon secrets unleashed, Poker ring games information system:

Texas Hold em secrets and more:

Kick Ass Poker secrets:

Poker dealer training - learn how to become a professional card dealer:

Online Poker advantage - Learn to play poker professionally as a business:

The Royal flush club secrets of winning Poker tournaments:

Evolve Poker - Learn to become a Poker master with this brilliant E book:

Double or nothing Poker guide:

Poker training/coaching weekly, learn Poker and play like a pro:

Director training - Learn how to host poker tournaments and games:

Poker Manual - An income strem via Poker for life:

Get Poker e book - Dominate online Poker games:

Online poker school - learn to play online Poker online:

Rake in cash at Poker, Texas hold em and more:

Gaming solutions and softwares to help you play, bet and win:

Below is a list of eductational and helpful aids to increase your chances of winning when playing Roulette be it on line or at the Casino. The list of auto bots, tutorials, aids and systems, has been lovingly created with your success in Roulette in mind, to help you cash in at the table. Spin that wheel and relax knowing you have the advantage.

Roulette Assault:

Roulette sniper:

The Roulette system:

The win Roulette bot automated betting system:

Roulette Bot pro betting system:

Roulette psychic:

Roulette Reaper:

Roulette swagger software:

Roulette Guy Secret:


Roulette icon system:

Roulette interceptor:

Roulette secrets from a veteran and successful player:

The Roulette on line gambling advisor:

Roulette Raper one of the best:

Professional Roulette Advisor:

Break Roulette:

  Strategie Roulette, tablet and pc friendly:

Roulette Radar:

The Roulette optimizer:

The online roulette skimmer:

Beat Roulette strategy:

Roulette Raptor:



Roulette Tycoon:

Online roulette robot, an automated betting system:

Fast roulette system:

oulette system X:

Roulette master pro, guide to playing roulette, tips and more:


Leopard slots machine system:

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